Once Upon a Time…

There was a quilt shop in a far away land called Fairbanks. Quilt shop had fabric galore and Bernina’s aplenty.

It was a peaceful, happy land FILLED with creative people and unfinished projects.

We have new additions to add to our growing collections. We have the new Tula Pink Acadia fabric and those racoons are so damn cute. No seriously, they are adorable. Real ones…ehhhh maybe not. But fabric ones are adorable.

We also got the pre-cuts and yardage for the Sunnyside collection from Moda. It certainly brightens up any Eeyore mood. The light yellows are very creamy. Also from Moda we have the pre-cuts for the colletion Chirp, Chirp and its perfect for that baby blanket you’re 4 years late making. (Or maybe thats just me that’s 4 years late on baby quilts..)

We also still are having that sale on machines. Buy one, get one free! (OAC)

Come see us to pre-game your winter fabric needs. It is warmer in here and more fun than any silly chores like dishes.

Wishing you plenty of bobbin thread.

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