Once Upon a Time…

There was a quilt shop in a far away land called Fairbanks. Quilt shop had fabric galore and Bernina’s aplenty.

It was a peaceful, happy land FILLED with creative people and unfinished projects.

We have new additions to add to our growing collections. We have the new Tula Pink Acadia fabric and those racoons are so damn cute. No seriously, they are adorable. Real ones…ehhhh maybe not. But fabric ones are adorable.

We also got the pre-cuts and yardage for the Sunnyside collection from Moda. It certainly brightens up any Eeyore mood. The light yellows are very creamy. Also from Moda we have the pre-cuts for the colletion Chirp, Chirp and its perfect for that baby blanket you’re 4 years late making. (Or maybe thats just me that’s 4 years late on baby quilts..)

We also still are having that sale on machines. Buy one, get one free! (OAC)

Come see us to pre-game your winter fabric needs. It is warmer in here and more fun than any silly chores like dishes.

Wishing you plenty of bobbin thread.

Quilts, Funnel Cakes, Oh My

With no rain in sight and just the haze of smoke in the air, Fairbanks still went to the fair. With a plethora of deep fried baked goods smells filling the air the quilt showings went extremely well.

Our quilt Northern Flora won Viewers Choice. Thank you so, so much for voting. Here are some of the pictures from the show.


Once Upon a Wild Alaska

Alaska is filled with wild animals and people. The Wild Alaska quilt showcases the spirit. Merrilee Nowlin took the kit and made into her own design. She used Stonehenge fabric for the sashing and backing and it just compliments the fabric so well.

Good Job Merrilee!


Marissa and Tula Pink

Excuse me while I fan girl really hard. First, background: I’ve loved Tula Pink’s designs since I saw her book Quilts From the House of Tula Pink. I loved the Modern Quilt designs, the colors, pretty much the whole shebang.

I saw she was going to be at BU and I begged the girls to get me her new book: 100 Modern Quilt blocks. I just wanted the book, they went above and beyond and got it addressed to me!

Talk about a happy girl! Well I’ve managed to actually do a few blocks that aren’t half bad.

I’m going to each week do a block or two and so I can actually finish a quilt. (Someone is going to have to keep me honest here, make sure I do the blocks! haha)


Now back to fan girling, so, I said how she signed my block and I had done a few blocks, well on Instagram Tula Pink liked my picture! Then she actually tweeted me back on Twitter. Talk about awesome. My next project is her quilt Anchors Aweigh, which I’m going to make out of Jake’s old Navy uniforms I should have it done in about 40 years so stay tuned to see how it goes. ;)

That’s my big news for Tula Pink and I. Just thought it was exciting to share.

Sewing and Sharing

It was sewing and sharing last Friday and it was a blast. The girls were back from Bernina University and they had lots to share.

Susan made stuffed japleno peppers, and they all showed off their fun projects. Art quilts, modern quilts, and a mail bag no one could understand.  All in all a fun time.

Sewing and Sharing is every second Saturday of each month. We show off our projects we’ve been working on (I actually had a few items this time) and we also showcase things that are new and happening in the store. Call 907-474-8118 to reserve your seat for August!


Our Newest Quilter








Here is our newest quilter Madison, age 8, with her very first quilt.  Madison made this quilt to give to her sister Olivia, age 4.  You can see that Einstein doesn’t get any attention from the girls while they visited the store with Mom and Grandma.

Time Escapes the Best of Us

Kids, man they’re forever young in their parents eyes…until you realize your daughter is getting married and you JUST finished a quilt from when she was in Kindergarden!

This is Timona Gregor’s daughter’s Chelsea quilt. Started when she was 5, she is now 29 is getting married.

Oh well, at least it’s done right? A finished project is a finished project. I just adore the drawings. Best wishes to Chelsea and 3 cheers for finishing a project to Timona!